Zombies on the Earth

On CNN, Brianna Keilar criticized Evangelical pastors spreading COVID-19 bullshit.

(Yes, I knowingly chose that visual.)

This included Jim Bakker, the infamous, hosting some wackadoodle pushing the idea that COVID-19 tests are all part of a nefarious plan to turn people into flesh-eating zombies. (I swear, I’m not actually clever enough to make this shit up.)

Zombies on the Earth have a disease, like any other disease, but remember, they are also demon-possessed. So… There’s that. 🙄

Not all of the pastors and preachers featured in this report are fringe crazies within the Evangelical movement. But all of them are wrestling to integrate their religious identity and political identity with the truth.

For a fundamentalist, this can often be an impossible mission. That’s why so many people so fervently believe that gay people are sinners, that Noah actually built an ark on which he saved two of every animal on earth, and that evolution didn’t happen as scientists say it did.