A Conspiracy from Hell

Where is an eye-roll emoji when you need one? 🙄 I am not too young to remember the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. Indeed, when I was a kid, my parents prohibited me from Halloween fare, playing Dungeons and Dragons, and similar demonic activities.


Aside from being the name of a Mars rover, curiosity is a key value in forming and maintaining cross-cutting friendships. These relationships are important to maintain social peace in a diverse community and to build the character of both ourselves and others. But increasingly they seem more elusive than ever.

Virtue Signaling and Shunning

Franklin Veaux posted a piece, “Virtue Signaling Left and Right.” It ties in nicely to a conversation I recently had, about tribalism and shunning behavior on the left and right. Virtue signaling is definitely part of that process, but in my thoughts I usually skip over it.

If You Love Me…

As Christians we always used to talk about unconditional love, divine love, so-called Agape love. God loved us SOoooo MUCH that he had himself incarnated and executed in a most ostentatious manner on our behalf so that he wouldn’t have to kill us, even while we were still his enemies.