Forced to Accept

A meme, seen on Facebook:

So many folks talk about how they’re being “forced to accept” things that go against their beliefs.

You’re not being forced to accept them.

If you have a problem with people of color, with gay marriage, with trans people, with immigrants, with women of any race, then you’re still welcome to feel however you want to feel about those people. You’re just not allowed to make their lives harder because of your feelings. You’re not allowed to turn their daily lives into a battleground.

No one is forcing you to “accept” a single thing. You’re just not being allowed to terrorize people.

With the same acceptance you accept others you will be accepted. Refusing to accept others has social consequences. So they call us sinners, and we call them bigots. Now we’re even.

If they stopped bad-mouthing and discriminating against us, we would stop calling them on their bullshit. It’s really that simple. All the power to end this cycle rests solely in their hands.

But they can’t do that, so they have to pretend that they somehow are the injured party, in order to self-justify their antisocial words and behavior.