Trapped in God’s Cage

The lyrics of this song came to mind today. I wrote this in 1997, when I was a member of a Christian rock band.

Even today, I think the music I wrote for this song is some of my best compositional work ever. It starts in 7/8 time, has a measure of 6/4, and switches to 4/4 for the chorus. If you know me and what I value in music, you can understand why I still love the instrumentation. But the lyrics… Ah, the lyrics…

As with most of the songs I sang and loved back then, I see the lyrics completely differently today.


Verse 1:
He created the land of my life.
At the edge are my child and my wife.
A mirror marks the other side.
And other souls, this axis they divide.

Verse 2:
Just within these four walls I am walking.
No offense has a place in my world.
And where it threatens to intrude
The fruits of light its presence can’t elude.

God, stake me out a territory,
Your Spirit poured in this domain.
I wanna be content with what you give me,
Your godliness my greatest gain.

Verse 3:
In the fence comes a widening space,
But the door doesn’t seem out of place
Deception of the enemy;
Unbreaking words are those that I believe.

(repeat chorus)

This was “freedom” to me. Being chained in an ideological prison is what it was. It was more than just an ideological bubble. There was more than just an intense need to validate and confirm my prejudices. Rather, I also felt an intense fear of even hearing ideas that explored outside my safe space, because I was afraid of being taken by evil, which could ultimately send me to hell.

“… And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one, for yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Explain to me again how this isn’t abusive?