Disconfirming the Second Coming

About a month ago, I wrote about A Crisis of Healthy Skepticism.

I pointed out that we can often verify or disconfirm information with a 15-second Google search. But when I was a Christian fundamentalist, we never took advantage of that 15 seconds if it could challenge our pre-existing beliefs because we so needed to hang onto those beliefs.

Now, this pops up in my Facebook feed:

What scares me the most about these days is that in an age where we can check facts and truth right at our fingertips, most would rather be swept away by emotion than know facts.

We are in big trouble as a nation.

Lord Jesus, come soon!

I’ve pretty much purged anyone who would post something like this from my feed, but there are rare exceptions for good reasons, and this is one.

I used to be this religious, so I should grok this. But sometimes, looking back into that world from the outside, I seriously marvel that people in that bubble literally cannot see the glaring irony in a meme like this.

As I mentioned above, when I was deconverting, I noticed that we live in an age where anyone, with a 15 second Google search, can debunk Evangelical nonsense regarding homosexuality, evolution, the Noah’s Ark myth, the historicity of the Bible, or any of a number of other ridiculous dogmas that we held to in that world.