Dear Evangelical Friend

There’s a “Dear Facebook friend” meme that has been making the rounds in Christian fundamentalist circles for a couple of years now. I ran across it recently.

If you haven’t lived in this world, you may not know how to parse the toxic repackaging woven throughout this narrative. If you have, it may trigger you. For both groups…

There. Fixed it.

Dear Evangelical friend,

Someday I hope you will see that I posted all of my “offensive” and “anti-religious” Facebook posts because I care about you. Your mental health matters to me and my friends. I would rather see you hate me for telling you the truth than have me lie to you or keep silent to gain your acceptance.

Someone was kind enough to share uncomfortable facts with me, and my eyes opened to the truth. It’s now my responsibility to do the same for you. That’s what real love is about.

Your atheist friend.